Mine didn’t quite translate when I came to the U.S.

MyMy name is weird. How weird? It’s “Haukur Örn Hauksson.” Yeah. Literally translated, it means “Hawk Eagle Son of Hawk.” I love my parents dearly, but they can be a little bit eccentric sometimes, like when they explained their inspiration was for me to have a “Native American name.”


Chapter 1: The Fastest Gun in the West

Let’s get something out of the way first. My father has epilepsy, and when a friend suggested he try CBD, dad immediately rejected it. “I don’t want to get high,” my dad said, shaking his head mournfully. He doesn’t even drink alcohol, let alone do the marijuana, the dope. …

Someone holds something out to you, in the general direction of your face. Sometimes, they don’t say anything. A silent offering. But usually, generally speaking, they say something like, “Smell it.”

And I almost always smile awkwardly, give a little shrug, and say, “I don’t have a sense of smell.”

You know me. I’m not one for hyperbole. I keep it real, as they say. But here’s the thing: That was hands down the best episode of Inkmaster I’ve seen in a while. Certainly not because of the quality tattoos, no. …

Consistency is key, consistency is consistently the word of the day on this week’s episode of Ink Master: Grudge Match, and you can’t talk about consistency without addressing Dave Navarro. Mr. Navarro was a founding member of Jane’s Addiction, struggled mightily with addiction to alcohol and heroin, and toured the…

Ink master: Grudge match, episode 3 recap.


Holes are interesting, because they’re not an actual thing: They’re an absence of something. Sometimes, this is beneficial. Like when you putt a birdie on a beautiful, sunny day, the golf ball rattling down that little hole.

Other times, holes are not…

Yes, summer is over, but that’s okay because Ink Master Season 11 is finally upon us. This time, we have a very dramatic and descriptive subtitle: “Grudge Match — Cleen vs. Christian.”

This references hothead Ink Master Finals runner-ups Cleen Rock One and Christian Buckingham seeking to resolve their legendary…

Haukur Örn Hauksson

Writer/basketball lover/semi-professional dog sitter. Born on a savage, volcanic island in the North, currently residing in the Big Apple.

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